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Transitions coaching for you

It takes two. Discover how we can partner with you on your transitions journey below.

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We are experts in all of life's transitions and specialise in career transitions and the divorce journey, including post-divorce. Click on your area of interest below and read more about how we can work with you during your transition.



Why do I need a divorce transitions coach?

Whether you are the one instigating your divorce or on the receiving end, the impact this can have on you as an individual as well as those around you can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. If you have chosen to hire a lawyer, they will manage the legal process for you but it’s likely that no or little consideration has been given to the management of the non-legal fallout of one of life’s greatest life events and quite often, stressors. This 'living bereavement' and transition from married to divorced as well as what that shift means for your identity and the resulting emotional upheaval, needs to be carefully managed to ensure you are able to work through this journey and enter your post-divorce phase feeling confident about your future and any future relationships.

You may have a brilliant therapist and/or a great support network and that’s a good start. What if you also had someone who impartially listened to what you say (and don’t say) with the overarching aim of guiding you through the divorce process with less stress, anger, overwhelm, frustration, conflict and any other reactions you may encounter?

How can we help?

Using the COR.E Transitions Dynamics principles, your Uncouple® coach will help you discover what's not working for you in the present and why, so that you can take steps to move forward in a way that does work. Together we will reduce the stress of your divorce and find a path that will make your divorce process as smooth and painless as possible, with the likely bonus of it also being a more cost-effective process.

The Energy Leadership Index assessment is an exceptionally helpful tool that you can opt to use during your divorce coaching programme. It identifies how you're currently responding to the stress of your divorce (and other stressors in your life), so that you can quickly take steps to reduce or alleviate these stressors and make clearer, more conscious decisions.

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Why is post-divorce a transition?

Your divorce is behind you – it’s probably a relief and has hopefully given you some degree of closure. Something is missing though but you can’t put your finger on it. That’s because this is another transition phase. One where you fear the unknown that lies ahead and the potential judgement from others now that you're divorced. You're adjusting to single life and (if you have children) single parenthood/co-parenting. You worry about being alone and what that means for your identity. You wonder if you'll ever meet someone new and how that will feel knowing that your last relationship didn't work out. You're struggling to let go of feelings of failure, resentment, rejection and anger. You worry about whether you will manage to maintain your lifestyle now that your assets have been split.


Some or none of this may resonate but the possible list is endless and each person's journey is unique. The only certain thing that's applicable in all cases is your old life is in the past. Changes are happening in your present and will continue to happen in your future. You need to be acknowledge, process and navigate this transition effectively. Some internal investment at this point is critical, or you risk being left in limbo and living through this transition for years to come.


How can we help?

Your sessions with your Uncouple® coach will help you with this deep work, using COR.E Transitions Dynamics principles to take you out of limbo and equip you with the tools you need to live powerfully in the present, enabling you to create the life you want moving forward.

The Energy Leadership Index assessment is an exceptionally helpful tool that you can opt to use during your post-divorce coaching programme. It identifies how you're currently responding to the stresses of life after divorce (and other stressors in your life), so that you can quickly take steps to reduce or alleviate these stressors and focus on how you want to present in this next chapter of your life.



What is a career crises?

Careers don't always follow a linear path and that at times we can have a crisis of career identity. This can manifest in several ways and quite often when:

   > you are promoted or changing jobs: this can lead to feelings

      of uncertainty around skills and qualifications, the ability to        be successful in the new role and doubts around whether            you deserve the role.

   > you notice a personal and professional misalignment: your

      personal values, interests and/or skills significantly differ            from your current professional path and you feel a deep              sense of dissatisfaction and lack of fulfilment. Societal and          cultural expectations may also be at play here.

   > you are not progressing (either at all or at your preferred            rate): you may be lacking in confidence, don't feel ready or

      able to put yourself forward for promotion or are worried            that others will discover you are incapable of fulfilling your          current duties, let alone a more senior role.

   > you have reached your career peak: all of a sudden the              ladder has ended and you don't know what's next or you          don't feel how you thought you'd feel - something is missing        and you can't put your finger on it. Your confidence starts to        weaken and you start second-guessing your decisions.

How can we help?

Perhaps one of the above scenarios resonates or you have another situation you'd like to work with a coach on. Either way, we can partner with you to provide the support you need to make confident career decisions. Alongside our signature COR.E Transitions Dynamics principles and, if you opt to take it, the results from your Energy Leadership™ Index assessment, Uncouple® can also provide additional specialist support through the use of the TalentPredix™ assessment, which helps us to gain insights into your top talents, values and career drivers.



Can I still work with you even if I don't need support with a divorce or my career?

Although we are career and divorce transition specialists, at Uncouple® we value impacting as many lives as possible, so if we feel drawn to your transition and commitment and believe we would work well together, we will happily support you.


All transitions are welcome, be it wanting to discover or rediscover your identity, becoming an empty nester, religious conversion or changes of belief, shifts in financial circumstances or retirement.

How can we help?

Uncouple® can partner with you for a smoother, less stressful transition using the COR.E Transitions Dynamics principles and, if you opt to take it, the results from your Energy Leadership Index assessment.

Whatever the context, we want to help you transition with confidence, clarity and consciousness.

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What to expect

Here are some of the things you can expect from your Uncouple® coaching experience:


> Powerful, exploratory and confidential conversations either online (with or

   without video) or in person in London (subject to availability)

> Non-judgemental accountability

> Increased awareness of how you present and experience life currently

> Conscious decision-making to achieve the transformative results you want

> Use of tools backed by more than 10,000 hours of research and three         decades of application

> Improved presence and energy

> Impartial support in your transition

> 1:1 bespoke sessions focusing solely on your agenda

Getting started

If you think that Uncouple® coaching is for you, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch with a short application for you to complete. If successful, you will be invited to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute call where we will discuss what has brought you to coaching and whether partnering with us would be a good next step.

“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.”

Robin Sharma

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