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About us

Helen Sampson coaching male client

Our coaching

Uncouple® offers premium, bespoke transitions coaching services for individuals who are looking to benefit from the return on an investment in themselves. The contents of our programmes are unique and tailored to allow you optimal opportunity for achieving the results you want.




To uncouple is to disconnect or release. Our primary aim is to ‘uncouple’ you from where you are and help you get to where you want to be. We are experts in transitions coaching – essentially, we partner with you during periods of change, whether they are chosen or imposed. We specialise in offering services to individuals during career transitions and who are going through or have been through a divorce. More information on our services can be found on our Services page.

“No individual is the same, so we ensure what we offer is reflective of that. We have no ‘one size fits all’ programme - your experience is tailored to your needs and yours alone.”

Helen, Founder and Coach at Uncouple®

Why us

Our Founder set up Uncouple® for two reasons. Having worked in divorce litigation for several years and witnessing hundreds of divorces progress through the legal system, she realised that regardless of how good the lawyers were, how collaborative the process was and whether the divorce was instigated by the client or not, the journey was often arduous and full of emotion. Even in the small proportion of cases that were relatively amicable, clients were still going through a life-changing event that would significantly impact their current status quo.

Helen also noticed that she would often come across individuals that were deeply unhappy, unsatisfied and/or unfulfilled in their careers or loved what they did but completely lacked the confidence to thrive and often suffered from imposter syndrome. In both scenarios, they invariably wondered why this was the case and didn't know how to improve their situation. Both of these experiences drove her desire for change and to impact those who needed support during these transitional journeys.


By choosing Uncouple® you will be benefiting from the experience of someone who has some of the best coaching qualifications globally alongside a deep understanding of transitions. Helen also understands the divorce process in detail and how this life transition impacts you and those around you. She also has transitioned in her own career several times and knows the personal work it takes to do so. Regardless of the transition you are currently experiencing, Helen will partner with you to reduce the stressors and deliver you to your intended destination as smoothly as possible.

Why now

You have encountered a life event and are looking for support to navigate through the ups and downs, twists and turns. You have just been through an impactful life change and are feeling the effects. Either way, you will be dealing with the transition that has been triggered by these events.

What might be possible if you...

   > knew how to successfully navigate the transitions in your life

   > developed unwavering confidence to face all interactions and                  challenges

   > created powerful goals and strategies that have an immediate effect          on how you present and perform in the now and benefit your future

   > could eliminate distractions to provide improved focus and decision-          making abilities

   > created a personal philosophy that attracts success into all aspects of         your life

If you are curious to find out, just get in touch with us here and we can discuss how expert transitions coaching can benefit you.

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Uncouple Coaching Small Business Sustainability Basics Programme Badge
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Sustainability is important to us

We are regularly evaluating our social, environmental and economic impact to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible. We believe all businesses, no matter the size, have a duty of care to our planet and those that inhabit it. As we grow, we will continually evaluate the ways in which we can contribute to our sustainability goals. As things stand, we are:


   > Running our online coaching sessions on 100% green energy.

   > Planting trees for the programmes and packages we sell.

   > Partnering with Ecologi to offset our carbon footprint by investing in carbon        reduction projects all over the world, from Tanzania to Brazil.

   > Using public transport to commute to and from any in-person business                meetings.

   > Using a metal business card to share our details with you electronically,              avoiding single use paper waste.

   > Running our website on energy with data centres that have ambitious                  sustainability commitments.

   > Attending sustainability training to keep up-to-date with what we can do to          be a more sustainable business.

   > Using 100% recycled printer paper when we really need to print something.

   > Using LED lights in our home offices.

   > Partnering with and accredited by the Good Business Charter to ensure that        we are held accountable to our commitment to responsible business                    behaviour.


We are always open to new sustainable development ideas. If you would like to share yours with us, please get in touch on our Contact Us page.

Getting started

If you think that Uncouple® coaching is for you, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page and we will be in touch with a short application for you to complete. If successful, you will be invited to schedule a complimentary, 20-minute call where we will discuss what has brought you to coaching and whether partnering with us would be a good next step.

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